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  • Made in Ireland

    KONIC doors are the market leader in solid timber doors.

    We are a premium timber door company based in southern Ireland with over 25 years’ experience in the timber window & door industry.

    Our manufacturing partner Kells have been manufacturing beautifully crafted bespoke doors since 1997.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Quick answers to some of the questions we're asked.

We bring our doors in from Eastern Europe

FALSE: All our doors are beautifully crafted in Ireland by Kells. Family run since 1997.

We are very expensive

TRUE & FALSE: True on paper. False in reality.

Our prices reflect the quality, craftsmanship, materials and finish of KONIC Doors. We only use the best materials on the market and want you to be thrilled with the new entrance to your home. 

Timber doors warp

TRUE & FALSE: A poorly made, poorly finished and poorly maintained door will. Even a composite or PVC door can warp.

KONIC Doors made from Accoya and MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME will not warp.

Composite & PVC doors are maintenance free

FALSE: There is no composite, PVC or timber door that is maintenance free. KONIC Doors are low maintenance.

You have to paint your timber door within 6 months

FALSE: KONIC Doors come completely factory painted.

Buyer Beware of any company that tells you, you must paint your door within 6 months of installation. WHY? If you don't, your guarantee is void. If you do, manufacturers may blame your painter for something and your guarantee is void. Please read the other company's small print.

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    Sustainable and will not warp!